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Tuesday, June 25, 2013


It is not goodbye
I am sorry for I am not being a good owner
A good owner should care for you...
But I left you with strangers
I want you to know that it's for our own good...'s for me and family fortune...
It is hard for me
Coz you have been dedicated to us since I carried my first baby
I have you when I am pregnant of 8 months...
You came out... you serve us well
You may not big but we enjoy your company
In better or worse
In richer or poorer
In sickness or in health
You carry us everywhere
I may not cleaning you as often as I can
That shows me that I am not a good owner
But, I put you in service almost on time
Cycle tires as they need a change
We made to CH...Can't believe you are that amazing...
You carry 3 of us plus 1 in my tummy to CH
That's the farthest we've been since we have you...
Truly amazing you... even though you are small but you have big heart ( Do you have one? )
You are the one who also brought me to the hospital when I was about to give second birth.
Ahhh..what a nice of you...
Thanks for being with us for more than 4 years
Salute you with an I Am Lejen sticker on the back are truly lejen
As you are my first car
I see you again in 3 years from now...
Take a good care of yourself ( I dunno if you could without me )
And to those who use gentle.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Letter to a friend

Dear you,

I don't whether I got any friend. I mean close friend. A friend who could lend a shoulder for me to cry on, who lend me her ear so I can tell my problems...a friend whom I can turn to when I have no one to share...

Pity me's only me and you. Yes, you blog. My blog is my only friend that I could share anything at this moment. Since I was married and have kids..going out with friend has never been in my plan. Poor me. I have been devoted to this kind of life, to this family. For better or for worse..for richer or sickness and in health...

Sometimes, in my bad times, I wish I have a friend who can response (no offend to you my blog ), so I have guidance on how can I handle the trouble..

But since I have none, it's only you I can turn to...
Dari beri putih('x')

Sunday, June 9, 2013

4 yo

Happy birthday dear son. May you grow a lil wiser, stronger, sweeter this year. Mom loves you so much. I will try my best to educate you, to prepare you with what you have to learn. Today's world ain't easy for both us.
Dari beri putih('x')
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