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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Tesco Online; Shopping di hujung jari

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Terbaca post akak Redmummy, wah akhirnya boleh juga buat grocery shopping online di Tesco Online. Tak payah nak tempuh hassle tambah-tambah hari ni ramai dah gaji ye dak? Bagi yang ada anak kecik macam aku ni agak sukar nak menempuh orang ramai dengan nak beratur panjang nak bayar lagi, mengejar anak yang nak capai semua benda yang dia nak lagi.

Tapi yang sedihnya...servis Tesco Online buat masa sekarang ni hanya di sekitar Lembah Klang sahaja. Tempat lain akan menyusul kemudian rasanya. Siapa yang tinggal di kawasan Lembah Klang boleh la buat online shopping di Tesco Online. Lucky you ols.

Aksi tidur yang seksi

Mana satu la position anak aku ni. "Booby Trap" dia sorang penuh satu katil. Mak ayah dia mampu memandang je sambil menggeleng. Can't you act like a sweet lil girl a bit darling???

The Ex

My sis send me this photo when she did spring clean my mom house. She must has found my treasure box. Haha..I can't remember when I drew this but the memory about him flash back. He is my ex and was my first  boyfriend. The picture is funny as I don't really have a real talent in fine art. But, at least I can draw. 20th July has passed but I'd like to wish you happy 28th birthday. Wish you well wherever you are. We never kept in touch since we broke up. It's better that way. 

Sketching, painting, drawing and crafting are always my passion. Back then I used to sketch someone that I admire. Hahaha..It was so embarrassing thinking about how gedik I was. I never confronted them but I sketched them from afar. Normally I kept the sketching with me. But, I did giveaway to one of the guy after the SPM ended. I gave it to him during my final days in college.

Some of the memories will live on. How hard you try to forget, it will still remains untouched deep inside your heart. 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

RIP Google Reader

As an RSS Reader, i feel a big loss...
I have been using the reader since first i wrote this blog in August 2009.
Since then, i have been reading other blog that i follow/subscribe from my reader.
It is more convenience than you have to open up your blog and read it from that blog panel...
I don't have much time.
I know most of us may just merely surf the webs or fave button the site that you frequently visit but I wasn't one of you.
Instead, i copy the address and paste on the subscribe box..and there it'll appear it my reader list.
Truly amazing job the Google team has launched.
Thanks for serving my morning feed, thanks for 4 great years. My morning will never be the same without you. Credit to TechCrunch, you speak my heart better.
I found Feedly to replace you. But, it won't be as nice as you. Credit to for posting about feedly. I'll cont to read my subscription via rss.

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