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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Shifting Caregiver

........ is giving the most nightmare to the working mom.
But I am thankful for having a new caregiver who is nearer to my house (just opposite to my block and within the walking range) BUT to deal with their anxiety AGAIN??!!! is the most thing I try to avoid.

Which mom has heart to see their kid's cannot-letting-mom-go face or crying?
I'm crying too baby. But of course I can't show it. Put a firm face and run to car, slammed the door and drove away. But I'm crying inside.

The first day drama, the baby starts crying when i passed her to the new mak which she is reluctant at first and there's her sister started to cry and put on slipper and down the stairs and walks through the car. I was like...girls..I'll be late sending your brother to school. Calmly, I picked her up kissed her and told her I'll be back at noon and you will be alright here. Just like your umi. I promised to bring you to park this evening if you stop crying.
It didn't work...
So, I put her back to their mak house, and dozed off.

I hit steering and asked why this has to be happen.
I hate to deal with their anger and anxiety, I feel bad.
Coz I understand their feeling. I have been brought up that way. Both parents are working.
But I have to.

I start engine, check them through rear mirror and WEEPs.
That's so me.

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