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Thursday, February 18, 2016

The latest addition

This post is long overdue.
She will be turning two next few months but I didn't share much about her.
She's doing great in her first year despite been having warded for jaundice in her early months.
Grown up cheeky and bring joy to her older brother and sister.
They have cared so much their baby sister and fighting between them to see who can attend their lil one the most.

They fight for whom the lil one most fave..there are noises most of times but it really bring tears of joy to my eyes.

Her name is Hannah. Means loved one. Indeed, she is being loved by everyone.
She starts to walk a bit late at 15 months old compare to the older but she is bubbly. Can understand instruction well at this age of 1 year and half like put the dirty cloth into the basket, put litter into the bin, take towel and many more. Quite a fast learner I must say despite being cheeky and tricky. She eats almost anything that I serve unlike her sister who is quite picky. She's still refusing strangers including relatives but slowly she will try to mingle around if more time given.

Hopefully you grown up healthy and happy kid. Mom love you to the moon and back.

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