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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Losing a baby that we carry

Innalillah to a friend of mine.
She lost her baby while still in her tummy at her 8th month pregnancy.
Last another friend of mine was miscarriage.
In fact, it is hard to understand their loss because we are in their shoes.
But, as a mom of two...that kind of feeling is the scariest...
We feel so divine carrying them everywhere we go
Despite of all the sickness and pain we've gone through
While conceived, I was always think that 'what if' he don't like to see the world outside
'What if' he don't survive in my uterus? Was I eat healthily? Did I take enough supplement?
I am sure that most pregnant women will have this 'what if' question in their mine.
It's easier said that experience it yourself...
Some will move forward and stay positive...some will fear of another they might afraid of starting all over again
But, my wish for those woman it's okay to cry over your loss. But don't forget to move forward and learn how to walk again. The baby awaits you there. At least, you've got wings to heaven.

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