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Monday, October 7, 2013

First Car

It has been 10 years since first I learn how to drive.
I learn to drive at this Chinese Uncle ( I can't recall his name ) driving school.
Brought up in a cowboy town ( but now has been chanted by most Malaysian ) you will end up meeting your friends from the same schools.
Most me and childhood friends learn to drive with the Uncle. Or can I say he owns the only driving school in Ghombau at that time.

It took me twice to get my license. I screwed up the first time while on the road. Got license but I still didn't drive mom's car. Just after I came back from a foster child program at Jitra organized by UiTM Rakan Muda, I became enthusiast in driving. Mom's didn't know that I drove the family I stayed in' car around Jitra. My first and real time driving.

I knocked my mom's kancil on my way fetching my dad from workshop. Haha. No bad injury. But my lil bro   had a ' Flowerhorn' bump on his head. Then, dad allowed me to use his Proton Saga while doing practical thingy. Whoaaa..i felt like a female racer driving that machine.

Got married then i drove the kereta kebal. After a few issues with the stupid owner I decided to buy my first car. Lil white viva. That's all I could afford by that time with lil creature I was carrying inside. Thick and thin, sweet and sour we have been together.

With that small car, I brought the lil baby home. With that car, I visited my husband in training along with my son. First time I drove to KL with that car. Back and forth to my parents and PIL. Trips to Malacca. A trip to Cameron Highlands with another bump in tummy. So proud that you can made it!

Yesterday after few arguments I let my first ever car for rent. I leave it to a car rental company.
I know silly me who cried over a car. I have memories with it. It's hard not to feel sad about it because I got it when I was in the most difficult moments in my life.

I cheer every single time i ride on you. It's not that I don't need you anymore. But, I decide to make some investment and find you are fit for it. Hope you are doing fine there. And they treat you nicely. I'll see you soon, my first car.

p.s : Don't laugh. I just being me...

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