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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Apa yang aku nak dalam perkahwinan ini

Lately, aku banyak baca daridapa blog yang aku suka...
And it influences me a lot. 

Somehow, makes me think a lot... whether the decision I made last 1426 days or 3 years 10 months 26 days, up to this date betul atau hanya mengikut darah muda aku.

Maybe masa bercinta trust, honesty and love are all we need or maybe syarat yang kita letakkan untuk hidup bahagia bersama.

But, it requires a lot more once we take the biggest step in our life...being settled down.
Being an immature me, I thought it would go smoothly with just those 3 things but no, it's not.

Ia perlukan 100% komitmen, pemahaman, give and take, empathy, the languanges, stability of your economy and a lot more which I still yet to figure....

Sebab tu jugak lah, hari ini aku rasa terribly down bila baca kisah2 cinta diorang yang macam epic which doesn't occur to me. We did have great time before we settled down. Not that we are not happy now...but I have to sacrifice a lot.

Aku tak kisah sangat pasal duit. Material boleh dicari. Tapi nak kekalkan the heat of love tu adalah the hardest part ever. 

Sometimes, aku rasa aku perlukan masa untuk sendiri. Break apart for a awhile. But we have kid. 

Tapi, aku sayangkan dia...because i said yes when he did proposed me. 
I can't stop thinking bila dia susah siapa lagi yang mampu tenangkan dia.
Siapa lagi yang nak tolong kurangkan beban dia.
It's me...his wife. 

Sebulan going to be our next anniversary.
Nothing much I hope. I wish we could mend this relationship.
Reheat our love.  Plan for future.
Please...appreciate me the way I should...

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