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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New Dashboard Interface For Blogger Users

Korang jeles ak tengok aku nye window jadi cam kat bawah ni...
Ini view reading list aku

Overview untuk stats sedar draf tu tak cun. Aku kan blogger underground je

All my posts list...

Ini view editor baru aku
Jeles tak you alls? Cun kan view baru ni? Aku pun malas nak amik port kenapa jadi camni. Disebabkan my future in law dah jeles so aku pun rajinlah mengoogle segala macam keywords. Dan terjumpa lah laman ni. Tajuk post ni cilok dari dia la.

Read this. I got all the words from Amigowork. Copy paste semua la. brings new design for its user with effective and smooth design of admin panel. Currently it is applied  to blogger in draft. now a days google going to change their whole network products with new design and cool features.  New design of blogger dashboard got amazing and professional look.

New looks for Blogger Blogs Dashboard

Whenever you open homepage of it will display your primary active blogs with total page views , posts and with last published article date on your dashboard .  Dashboard page is looks like as WordPress dashboard. it shows your daily page views as charts with improved speed, latest updates, news from blogger etc.
Dashboard Image Of Draft in Blogger
Click to view in Full screen (New window)
They have used sidebar in the dashboard. it might be that now finally they understood that user loves sidebar in dashboard for quicker and easier access (e.g. wordpress)
Improved sidebar for draft in blogger users
The main and noticeable thing is that they enabled full screen editor by default.
see the preview of the post editor as below.
New post editor for draft in blogger users
Click to view in Full screen (New window)
If still you are using blogger services under the main domain than try to navigate to new design at


eiela said...

blogger pun banyak dah kemajuannya.

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Cik Eka said...

haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa mekasih akak..hehehehe

patut dicuba ni sebab nampak lagi best..tu asyik ngeng je blogspot ni..nak buat pembaharuan..hehehe

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