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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Viral Fever and How to Survive

For past two weeks my job was taking care of my family members who caught fever. All of us were unwell. After one another. One is clear then another fell sick. That's including myself.

But it becomes critical when my 6mo baby had the fever.
The temp was really high. It's almost 39 degrees.
My immediate action was get her wet as frequent as possible. Undress her through night.
Make sure her fluid intake as many as possible.
On second day, the fever was still there then i decide to take her to clinic.
The doctor as quite good.
He told us that medicine is necessary but there are 4/5 things that we as a parents should do to treat the viral.

  1. Drink a lot of water. In my case, i still bf my baby. So, i should drinks lots of water. If you give formula just make sure that the mixture of milk and water is really thin. Breastfeeding mom should drink lots of plain water so that she will produce thin milk. 
  2. Get her wet  when her temp rises. This to prevent fit. The rising temp might damage the brain cells. Make sure you use a lukewarm water and well cook.
  3. Stop eating oily food. Eat healthy. Oily food will thicken the milk esp for breastfeeding mom. Thickened milk doesn't do any good to babies. It might worsened the sore throat.
  4. Have enough rest. The viral may take over your body for maybe 5-6 days. 
  5. Just stay at home. Don't expose your just recover kid to public. i mean not too soon. Give her at least a week or two..
Moms and dads, don't get panic easily. Stay calm and you know to do and when to take the action. Just prepare to use your annual leave ;p

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