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Friday, May 20, 2011

What I wish a woman in your life

I am a working mom...
I start my day at 5 am. Wake up preparing food for my baby.
Ironing clothes. Preparing diaper bag for son.
Take bath, get ready to work.
But before that, I sent my son to nanny at almost 6.15 am.
Then I drive to bus point. Park there. Wait for the bus to office which take an hour to arrive.
By 7.40 I arrive the office. Walk a bit.
Then up till 5.00 pm, I'll be at my work station. At 5.00 sharp I punch out.
Walk to the bus stop. Then take ride back to where I park my car.
By 6.40 pm I'll arrive my home. Fetch my son. Hurry back home. Set dinner. Clean myself.
Feed my son. Then, by 9.00 pm we are already in bed.

Most of my night, I can't sleep peacefully. I'll wake up every hours cause my son make a move. I will breastfeeding him every time he awakes. Pain on my neck? I get used to it...

I am not complaining. Just want to express my feeling.

I just wish a day off for a week. For having a peaceful night and sleep. Or, if you can't, maybe once in a month. A day off from waking up every hours and every nights. I envy you snore.

You know I'm tired. You even tell me that. Easy said than done. Sympathy alone is not enough. I need your empathy. Lend me your hand. I'm not that tough even though I can do it all by myself.

I wish you will understand how tired am I...but I hope by the time you realize it, it's never too late.
I wish you understand, working while raising a family cannot be done alone. Just like we make the kid.
It takes two to tango.

That is all I wish for....I need a break...once in a blue moon.

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