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Monday, August 30, 2010

I wish i'm a good cook

It's not that i can't cook AT ALL
but i just envy some moms out there who can prepare something good, look nice yet healthy for her kids(or maybe they are WAHM? i wish i'm one of them. mimpi sudaaah, my husband won't allow me resign)...
ok, i just meet this cool blog; Cooking With My Kid whilst blogwalking trough my GReader and Ohdeedoh.
It's something that i can't resist and keep thinking and planning how i love to try any of them with my boy. Is there any chances that it will turn out nice? HUrmm...he just turn 1 and i don't think he'll stop put stuff inside his mouth in the near future...what if i use flour? he'll be ok, wouldn't he? Or maybe i should wait till his 3rd birthday? Way too late? Then when should i start??? Help me....Can't stop thinking about all the cute food.

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