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Monday, January 24, 2011

Apology Letter

Dear Bahiyah,

I apologize for not being able to attend your wedding day due to my poor child health has made me cancel my intention to attend your wedding. I was looking forward and have already set the date ( even made a special attire )to your wedding especially when the thought of  I'll meet some of my old friends (and of course meeting up with you my dear baby D*****, teasing you on your big day) but Allah knew better and I just set a plan.  Sorry again I couldn't make it dear.

I do hope that I'll see you some day. Last but not least, found a picture in your profile. You look gorgeous like you always did in school. I wish you happily ever after with your spouse. 

Since you are an English teacher, forgive me for my improper English. I always miss and love you.

P.S: I know you love kids sooo much. Then, make a lots of them. Chaiyo' chaiyo'.

Yours truly,
Syazana ('v')

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