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Thursday, January 13, 2011

The buried life

I managed to catch this show last night at 8tv. This reality show is about a group of four guys attempting to complete '100 things to do before they die'. Last night show were about their attempting to tell a joke on late night television. They went to David Letterman, and two other places ( I can't remember them)...Within the same time, they try to help a man who was blinded by a motorcycle accident re-live his favorite childhood pastime which is horse riding. This show give me idea...

The Buried Life logo.jpg
Series promotional logo. From left to right:
Duncan, Ben, Dave, and Jonnie.
Maybe I should go for 50 things to do before I reach 30??? 


man yusoef said...

tiap rabu sy akan tunggu cerita ni...membuktikan walaupon some benda tu mcm mustahil nak buat, tapi dgn kreativity dan usaha..boleh je...hehe

Xana said...

ye la man. semalam baru dapat tengok. cute je derang punya idea

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