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Friday, June 11, 2010

3 times celebration...wutta a bless

Hariz is the happiest person on his 1st birthday. First celebration was held at my PIL's place. A week earlier than his actual date. With a blueberry cheese cake dedicated for him from his Mak Lang. 2nd was at his Mak Tok's a.k.a Hariz's beloved nanny...she cooked fried bihun, steamed cake and his Mak Ngah bought him a moist choc cake...on his very birth day...then we rushed back to my parent's place. Me and my better half was planning to have an intimate celebration there but since the plan had been postponed a couple of hours so we only managed to get him a cake.a choc sponge cake with toys garnished on his Mak Tok has supplied us with xtra food that she was a blessed day indeed..
and Hariz received a new set of shirt and khaki pant from Maktok and Tokbah.Thanks to them. it's soooo lovely.. And he still waiting from his both real atok and wan for his present. add to his suprise , i received my parcel contains books for thim ( i bought them on9) also on tht day...PURR_FECT timing!!!

But i am sorry son. That's all i can afford on ur 1st birthday. i don't have much time to prepare but i hope, u'll enjoy it..i know you are...(as u laughed a lot on that day).

Once u'll grow a bit, we'll throw you a bigger bday party at our own house.
(Yeap, i jez notice tht we haven't celebrated urs bday at our house???!!!How come?? Shall we have the fourth celebration??? i'll ask ur dad first...)

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