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Monday, June 28, 2010

Diarrhea can caused deaths in children????

I m overly worried bout my son condition right now while i'm writing this post at work...

Last friday nite, he was vomited badly after i tred to feed him with cereal before his bed

And i knew, there would be something terrible will happen Hariz never vomits my milk since he was borned unless he is ILL...badly ill

And he conts to vomit 4-5 times that night...i feel sorry for him. He's just 1.Watching him vomit really makes my heart cries. If only u may transfer the pain to me dear, i bearBut to my mistake i didn't bring him to the clinic as it has happened before and i was very sure that i can handle it this time
I don't know  who shall i blame but when first time it had happened , i was blaming myself for not teaching Hariz to stop putting stuff into his mouth and for not preparing attractive meal for him...i felt bad at that time...

But this time, i'm sure it wasn't really my fault. Seeking all the food that he has vomited they were all weren't the food that i've prepared. He overly ate. Which I control it when at home...

Not that i am a stingy mother to give my son something to eat...but...i already scheduled him the mealtime since i was giving birth to him.

Then today i try to search for diarrhea on the net via Uncle G...hehe

This is what i found about DIARRHEA.To my fear...i pray it wouldn't happend to my son,
And it relates with viral gastroenteritis ( this is what Hariz had )

And here i share with all the mommies out there what will caused the infant death ..not that i want them to be dead but it's something that we must learn to avoid it happen and to remind us to be extra extra cautious when it relates with our beloved one. Here is the INFANT MORTALITY

I'm not a not a fussy mom but i just want the best for my son..esp the health which u can't buy it even you are the richest person in this planet..

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