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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hariz and His New Bike

His atok ( my dad ) had bought him a bike as his birthday present...
yup, rechargeable one. 
He can't set his foot on d pedal yet but soon he'll learn as he is just 1 year old..
His Atok has started to pamper him and i worry that it going to be much...
i'll keep an eye about better half just can 'geleng2' his head...
Hariz expression?
He loves it lol. Although i know that he would fancy a car than the bike
But Atok said the car is more priceyy
Anyway, thanks to my dad for the gift
As for the time being (before Hariz turns 3)
The bike will be keep at my parents house first
( I dunno when will Hariz play with it if we brought it home as i'll be away 12 hours a day)

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