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Friday, July 16, 2010

H Latest Development

 Taken after 3 day he's having diarrhea. A treat to Jbtn. Perkhidmatan Haiwan & Veterinar and having lempeng @ nearest stall...

At this age, he already know to point at what does he wants and taking him out shopping is a real challenge. But so far he behaves very well unless he's soo sleepy or it's on his nappy time we are taking him out. Sorry dude. Spending the weekend with him is joyful but sometimes I feel annoying and i tend to whine and scream at him as I can't leave him alone in the hall whilst my half ain't at home. 

Sometimes, i take a moment to remind myself that he's through a phase. And i understand him well that he's afraid of losing me. I did left him for a compulsory course which took place in Terengganu...i spent almost 2 weeks while he's only 9 months. And then a week at Nilai ( closer to my place and every 2 days i came back home ).

However it is, it's a blissful having him around! 

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