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Monday, April 4, 2011

To whom I call The Smurf

Do you like this blue tiny character? I do...Hahaha...coz this blue creature reminds me of some people in my life.
You may read about this Smurf [here].

I remember back in my dull varsity and my room mate/classmate had given a curse name to one of our classmate. We called him Smurf because his face reminds us about smurf character. Really! Short, irritating, rounded nose...hahaha..poyos gilos! We hate him. Smurf was our code name when we wanted to curse him...

And then I know this guy. Hahaha..This time, not because i hate him but his funny face reminds me of the cute smurf. Good on his own way. I rarely got to watch the cartoon now but the image is there. Maybe I used to watch  the smurf series a lot when i was little.  

But aren't they cute? I saw Bossini (if not mistaken) sells The Smurf tees but I don't think RM 69.90 for a tees is affordable...being a cheapskate's too expensive for me who prefer bundle and most of my outfit i got from bundle store. Except for certain garments..

To The Smurfs I got a special space in my heart...heheheheheh....

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