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Monday, March 14, 2011

To whom it may concerns

I called Pulapol (again!) this morning.
And here is what I got.

Husband's condition : Still under doctor's observations due to flu and cough.

' Ma'am, you don't have to worry coz the docs will do their job (taking care my husband) and he has been given the medication to control the flu. ' Huhu..yes, even my 2 years old son pun tau la when u fall sick u'll need drug to cure it.

Then i ask diplomatically, ' Still i can't talk to my husband?'
The voice answer ' Sorry ma'am i can't allow it because we're still waiting for the doctor approval.' Ape kena mengena doktor approval dengan aku nak cakap ngan laki aku. The system's suck!

Please la komandan yang *(*^&%%^%$!!!
At least bagi la satu ruang untuk all the trainees tu make call to their family. At least for once...
They have right...and it's all about the human rights. What if tetiba Malaysia tetiba kena tsunami dan the trainees can't meet their family members for the very last time? Nak tanggung kesengsaraan derang tu? Nak menjawab ape sok kat 'sana' nanti? Yea...tau..dah jadi tanggungjawab u nak jaga disiplin and all the crappy things tu tapi please la ada simpati sket.

You should at least question urself...'What if.......?' sometimes. Then u'll know how to put urself in someone shoes.

Aku  bengang, menyampah, meluat dah dengan sistem ni...

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