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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Survey on LIPSTICK

What happens to the Lipstick used by the ladies.

5% of the Lipstick is sticked to the cutlery.

25% of the lipstick goes to Tissue Paper & Cotton Tabs at the time of removeing the Make Up.

15% of the Lipstick goes in Drain at the Time of Washing Face & Lips.

10% is Dumpped in the Garbage as Unused.

5% of the Lipstick is found in the Womens Stomach Due to Newer Flavours & Essences.

And the remaing 40% of the Lipstick I Guarantee you that you will find it in Man's

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miMiE aZiMaSK ^V^ said...


iye kee.. hehehehe


1st timer disini dari blog en ben...

salam kenal

// klik sinie jom ke blog mimie azimask :D ... //

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