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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Being a mother

- i will always end up at mall buying stuff for lil' one ( but the planning said ' pampering mom ' means i should get something for me but the result none for me some for my dear )

- his and his need first then (if there is any remaining budget, i'll get something for myself)..but the result is  i always got nothing...all has been used up for my two men. Great!

- playing role as a cheapskate but only apply to myself...cos will spend it again to you-might-know-who.... MY TWO MEN IN MY HOUSE

- left alone with my dizziness of what menu next for the junior to nanny...i don't know when will i stop worrying...maybe all the worries will disappear once he marries to someone...

Muka budak yang kelaparan..

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