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Monday, December 20, 2010

Mutual Relationship

I had this kind of relationship 10 years ago. I didn't know it at first but after a few years in two boarding school I learned that was not good for us.

I knew him since I was 13 but the day he proposed me (as his gf) at the back of our musolla (small mosque) had changed the title of our relationship. We were couple then. Not a serious one because hey we were just 14 those time! Both us in a same class. I met him almost everyday (including weekend because we had our preparation class on Saturday morning and also Sunday night). How I cannot missed him? Oh, actually we were in this kind of Islamic secondary school.

As time passed, I achieved pwetty good result ( but i don't think so because they were not straight A's, put the blame on me alone!) but it qualified me enough to have a ticket to MJSC (Mara Junior Science College). I succeed during their qualification test and I was sent to somewhere northern. Having great time there( so much enjoy  than the previous school). But, our relationship began to falter right after we got our PMR result. Too bad he cannot made it. He blamed himself for being such an idiot to fall in love whilst he still in school. Then, he moved out and got into a daily school.

A year later, we reconciled. The love feeling was in the air back. Since we were in a long distance relationship, (me in somewhere northern, and he was in west coast), we were just connected by letters. He wrote to me and i replied. But in October ( as i recalled), I received a pretty big parcel. It was handed to me by my classmates during a feast in my class back then. Just right I opened it, I wept. I was weeping like a baby. I felt shameless at all crying in front of my friends. He returned back all the gifts that I gave him since first we had been a couple at our 14. And a letter that wrote he needed back all the gifts that he gave me. He left me with a big question mark on why did he left me just a few weeks after he celebrated my birthday.  It happened on the year that i will took my SPM. Horror...exam was just around the corner but I still sank into my misery. I have loved him so much cos he was my first love and all.

I finished my SPM not with flying colours but enough to placed myself in a local university. In my second semester, i don't how but we reconciled. Huhu again? Gila talak la pulak. Being me, was hard to ask him back why did he left me. For me, lets bygone be bygone. Past is past. No point discussing it as i knew him pretty well. We cherished each moments together back in a sweet way. More loving but with no action.

Suddenly out of nowhere, he said he can't meet me anymore. Everything was just over between us! I was like...Hell! Why did you do this to me? Years and years waiting for you. I kept my patience so long but this was what i got from you in return? No more tears after bailing so much in the first time. I have to move on. With a hollow heart.

I did...until one day i met my best friend. He told me everything that revealed him apparently as the culprit over my loss. Hehehe...His best buddy, Boy studied at the same school as my boyfriend (ex-now). I have known Boy and my bestfriend, AFZ since in primary school. And Boy knew some gossip about me and AFZ and have told my boyfriend about it. I have made it clear to him since first I be his girlfriend. But since he heard the Boy stories, he started being suspicious towards me. There was the reason why it happened...the mutual relationship. I felt loss profoundly...but after few years I bounce back and build a new life together with my beloved husband (totally a different person who is not in any mutual relationship with my bfs) and my dear son.

Last but not least, lets bygone be bygone...Gheee.

Note: Mutual relationship also exist in statistic topic right? Who studied stats? *Me!*


Bella Enveeus said...

Life is such that you don't know what's it store for you. Take whatever that has happened in your past as a lesson and blend it with your experience. I'm sure your husband treasure you more than any of those guys you've befriended or been together with. :)

latep said...

ha.ha. cinta monyet...

Xana said...

Such a lovely words Bella. Yes, i'm happier now..

Latep : cinta monyet sedikit sebanyak mengajar kita tentang betapa palsunya ia...hehe

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