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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Am i strong enough?

Last Thursday, my son , Hariz had his last immunization . He was just fine till late evening...running, kicking, climbing sofa..and so...but then, he started crying like hell and he refused to walk. I make him stand on his own feet but it didn't last longer. He cried when i told him to stand.

He never behave like this. I start to worry after my husband told me about the process. I failed to be at the clinic by the time he had his due to missed  my train. I was so fragile at that time. What IF he was paralyzed? i strong enough to accept it? I read some blog...which write the story about their special kid. They inspired me a lot.

Nevertheless, his cries break me apart. I want to cry too when seeing him all this while running happily here and there but now he can't. He need my help to wake up. He begged me to lift him up to somewhere he wanted to go. Even though he can't talk yet but looking into his eyes i know he was in pain. Oh, dear...

But my fear is just useless. I call the nurse and she said that the sign was just for a temporary due to shot that he had.  It may take two to three days before he can walk back. I feel relieve!

He's wiser now and can feel the pain unlike the previous time.

However, the experience still got me thinking whether am i strong enough to have A SPECIAL KID?
My answer will be, if that's is my fate, i'll accept it with an open arms. It's a special gift from Allah, and maybe i have been chosen to take care of His belongings. He knows what best for us...

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✿ n0ra ✿ said...

pray for his well being... aminnnn

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